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Last updated : Jun 27, 2018 19:42 PM

How to make an order on Simply follow the steps below.

Step one:
Click "Join Free" or "Sign In"

Step Two:
Make yourself to sign in the system, or register a new account.

Step three:
Go to the Product Listing or Promotion Zone Directly.

Step four:
Click the Sub-Category Name as "Wedding Dresses" to go to the Product Listing.

Click "Add to My Favorites" to add to your personal favorite list for future needs.

Or click "My Favorites" to view your favorite list

You can also add these items to your bag directly.

Don’t forget to choose the color and size

Back to the Product listing page
Choose the product you want to view more details.

Click "Send Inquiry" to contact the laurenbridal Specialist if you want to learn more details of the dresses.

Choose "PAY NOW" to proceed to checkout, or "ADD TO BAG" to shop more products.

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